About Me

About Me

Hey everyone. I am David and I have a passion about creating peace, contentment, joy, and happiness in my life as well as in the lives of all human beings.


I am a family physician for over 24 years. I work with patients every day who seem unhappy, anxious, unfulfilled, depressed, and miserable. Somewhere along the way, they have lost their passion for living. Their purpose in life has disappeared.

They are caught in the daily “rat race” of working in jobs they hate in order to make money to pay their debts. Some even work 2 or 3 jobs just to survive. Many are working so hard that there is no time to spend with their family. Patients tell me daily how irritable they have become. They feel guilty about how they speak and treat their spouses and kids. They are unable to sleep. Unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, and excessive drinking have become a way of life for many who are seeking a temporary escape from the realities of life.

As a result, many patients are have developed chronic disease states such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Most patients are so consumed by their life responsibilities that they find there is little or no time for exercise or enjoyment of life. They never go outside for a leisurely walk, run, or bike ride. They never take time to feel the warm sun on their skin, feel a spring breeze on their face, hear the birds chirping, or smell the fragrance of fresh cut grass.

Instead, they are consumed with answering emails for clients, meeting deadlines for projects, and taking care of their home responsibilities. At the end of the day, they crash into bed feeling exhausted and can not believe that the insanity will all start over again the next day. For those who continue down this path, heart disease, strokes, kidney failure, peripheral artery disease, and cancer await. Instead of enjoying their retirement pursuing their hobbies and enjoying their grandchildren, they are visiting cardiologists, pulmonologists, endocrinologists, neurologists, and oncologists. They are on so many medications that it is difficult to distinguish what symptoms are a side effect of their medications versus their disease processes. The cost of these medications are staggering making it difficult for them to survive. Some cannot afford to retire and work till their bodies eventually give out.

I ask myself if there is a better way to assist my patients  to become healthy and whole again. Are there other ways, to treat anxiety, insomnia, depression, and medical illnesses besides prescribing  medications? How can I get patients to start eating healthy, to start exercising, and to take time to pursue their hobbies and passions in order to restore their health, their happiness, and the vigor.

Is there another way?

Over the course of my life, there has been a recurring message that keeps presenting itself to me. The message is simply to live in the moment. Be present now. Do not live in the past and do not worry about the future. I have discovered that when I accept rather than resist life, I experience peacefulness, happiness, fulfillment, and contentment. Anxieties and fears wash away. Guilt and regret about the past disappear. In its place, passion, aliveness, and joy occur.

So why have I created this website?

There are many paths to achieve this state of life. However, the most effective path that I have found is through Mindfulness. The aim of this site is to provide resources and avenues for learning mindfulness. This website will serve as a portal to discover how to use mindfulness in your life so that you may live a life filled with passion, happiness, and peace. Through mindfulness techniques, it is my hope to restore your health and to bring about a sense of control of you emotions.

I do not claim to be an expert on this subject. I continue to learn every day about mindfulness and its positive benefits. I strive to share with you the science behind mindfulness. I offer you exercises and techniques that will assist you in becoming more fulfilled. I will direct you to experts in the field of mindfulness. I will present to you resources (books, audios, and videos) on mindfulness. I hope to share with you my experiences of working with patients and the results my patients achieve  by using mindfulness in their daily lives. But most of all, I promise you a website filled with integrity which aims to serve you and your needs in the matters of mindfulness.

Please come along the journey with me!