Mindfulness Breathing Exercise

Mindfulness Breathing Exercise

Here is a simple mindfulness breathing exercise that only takes 5 minutes to complete.

I perform this exercise several times a day. It can be done in almost any situation. The beauty of it is that nobody will even know you are doing it.


  1. Breath in slowly through your nose for 10 seconds and then breath out slowly through your mouth for 15 seconds.
  2. As you breath in and out focus on the air passing into your nostrils and out of your mouth. Alternatively, you may focus on your chest wall expanding as you breath in and contracting as you breath out.
  3. If your mind drifts away during the exercise, gently redirect yourself back to your breathing.
  4. After 5 minutes, you may return to your normal activity. If you want you can do this exercise for more than 5 minutes.


Why do I do this exercise?

  • To reduce anxiety or irritability
  • To focus my mind prior to beginning a new task
  • To rejuvenate my body with energy
  • To take a break from working on a project
  • To take a moment to remember to approach each encounter with my patients with integrity, purpose, and empathy
  • To remind myself how precious life is and how wonderful it is to be alive


Practice this mindfulness breathing exercise right now!



Please leave a comment on your experience performing this exercise or any other questions or comments that you have.


16 thoughts on “Mindfulness Breathing Exercise

  1. I’m definitely going to try this breathing exercise at work! I work in a sometime stressful environment. It’s easy to get worked up about things. The next time I want to vent to someone about a comment made to me by an irate client, I’m going to try this instead! Thank you for idea!

    1. This exercise is like a pause button that you can push anytime during the day to stop the action. It will then allow you to choose your response to those things that are going on around you rather than to be on automatic pilot and respond in ways that you will later regret. David

  2. Hi David.

    I enjoyed this exercise. It really brings out a calmness within me. I felt more refreshed and ready to take on today’s tasks. Very interesting! To be honest I did not think much of it before I started but Wow! what a rejuvenation.


    1. Thanks for the feedback on the exercise. Sometimes the simple things in life can be the most profound things in life.

  3. It was great! It works for me because I felt relax after that. I will continue to practice this exercise whenever I feel stress and want to relax. Thank you for this useful method of relaxation.

    1. Adel,
      We could all use more relaxation in our lives. I am glad that you find this exercise useful. One of my goals with this website is to create more peacefulness for people in their lives. Take care. David.

  4. I have actually done this exercise in college success my teacher was a therapist before teaching and it really does work. Thank you for reminding me about it.

  5. Great site! I love seeing people talking about and promoting mindfulness. It’s funny how simple doing a breathing exercise is, and yet how powerful it can be. I love having things like this I can do whenever, throughout the day. Thanks for the post! Best of luck!

    1. Sarah,
      Yes, simple things are often the most effective. I think humans often try to make life to complicated. It is actually very simple. It is all about enjoying the journey. If you live in each moment, you will feel an incredible sense of peace inside of yourself. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Mindfulness is simply focusing on the here and now. This very moment. By doing so, one is not anxious about the future or regretting the past. David

  6. I will definitely going to try this breathing exercise. I work for busy business and very stressful. I will be practicing this technique. Thanks You for all the information you provide on your website.

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