My Declaration

My Declaration

I am in Orlando at The Academy of American Family Physicians National Convention. The conference just ended today. What a wonderful experience! The theme of the convention was to Never Stop. Physicians from all over the country expressed what they will never stop doing for their patients. They will never stop caring, will never stop learning, will never stop listening, will never stop going the extra distance, and will never stop being empathetic. It was amazing to see 5000 post it notes stuck to a wall expressing the passions of 5000 physicians.

My goal, my declaration, is to promote healing and healthy behaviors for each and every one of my patients. To accomplish this goal I must be mindful. It is about listening and focusing. It is about making the patient my priority. It is about understanding patient concerns and frustrations. It is about displaying empathy. It is about being non-judgmental. It is about acceptance. It is about loving another human being and valuing the relationship.

What is your passion? How do you want to live your life each and every day? What is it that you want to do with your life? Do not be afraid to dream. Declare your passion. Declare your intention. And then go for it!

Check out these 2 Videos to get a better understanding of Family Medicine Physicians and how family medicine as a specialty is changing medicine.




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